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Hey guys!. So I love this suit from Tanaka so much x.x. Its so smart. And its at the Warehouse Sale event!. ( The overcoat is not part of the suit but equally as cool ). The Aphase eyes from Petrichor are also so fucking cool. Like the HUD on these is so amazing! So much to customize. ( Scroll down for closeup and HUD preview). I drew the effect on them, so you don’t get that – but you CAN make patterns swirl around in your eyes with the HUD.They are at TANNENBAUM Event right now. This cool mask from Lux Aeterna with three faces and wings are amazingly detailed and sculpted as usual, and I love the godly vibe they pull off. Accompanied by the Cureless Li Halo, and i think it all makes for a rather Supreme Being vibe! :). 

Teleport to Tannenbaum.

Teleport to The Warehouse Sale event.

Teleport to Lux Aeterna



 Bdrop – The CoffeeShop Night.


 Cureless – Skeletal System.

           Tim Yung – Cyber Fox LED Mask

           CerberusXing – Apis Horns

           AsteroidBox – Sylvia Chains

           Disorderly – Domestic Roses



Hair: Modulus – Michael Hair ( TheManCave nov ’20)

Ears: RandomMatter – Junee Ears

Eyes: Petrichor – Aphase eyes

Horns: Petrichor – Kii Horns

Face makeup/ Tattoo: This is Wrong – Trap Tattoo ( The Warehouse sale event nov’20)



LUX ATERNA – Trinitas Personae.

Cureless – Li Halo Red

Suicidal Unborn – Auset nose chain ( The Warehouse Sale event nov’20)

CerberusXing – Locke Septum

TeaBunny – Lunar Bindi ( The Warehouse Sale event nov ’20)



Fakeicon – Dizen coat

Tanaka – Harajuku formal suit ( The Warehouse Sale event ‘nov)


(Close up of the cool eyes from Petrichor. )

The HUD which is included in these eyes is immense. With so many color/pattern options and customizing of even the pupils and shadow shapes. x.x.


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