[TLG]- The Looking Glass “The Beast’s Lair” set release for Enchantment Event 10th Feb 2018 “Beauty and the Beast”

  • The Beasts Lair Cage Seat RARE 12LI
  • 5 x texture change seat
  • 9 x female single animations
  • 9 x male single animations
  • 21 x couple cuddle animations


  • Left Water Screen – animated water
  • Center Water Screen – animated water
  • Right Water Screen – animated water
  • Twisted Tree – on/off lantern lighting
  • Potted Tree – animated twinkle lights
  • Pot Plant
  • Large Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Round Planters
  • The Rose – animated sparkles
  • Fountain – animated water and koi fish
  • Water Garden – animated water
  • Small Lantern – on/off lantern lighting
  • Set Base
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