Lightish Red:

The color pink, especially when worn by a man who doesn’t want to admit he’s actually wearing pink. Popularized by the machinima Red vs Blue, in which Pvt. Donut wears this color.

~Urban Dictionary

Grif: Uh… hey, Donut?
Donut: What?
Simmons: Um, about your armor…
Donut: What about it?
Simmons: How do I put this… Your armor is, um… It’s a little, um… Grif, uh, you wanna help me out here?
Grif: It’s pink. Your armor is frickin’ pink!
Simmons: Yeah, that’s it. Pink.
Donut: Pink? My armor’s not pink!
Grif: PINK.
Simmons: Yeah, definitely pink.
Donut: You guys are color-blind. Why would they give me pink armor?
Grif: Hey, don’t ask, don’t tell.
Simmons: (over Grif’s laughter) Heh, that’s not funny.
Grif: (laughs a little more) It’s a little funny.
Donut: Look at it, it’s not pink. It’s like, uh.. a “lightish red”.
Grif: Guess what? They already have a color for lightish red. You know what it’s called? Pink.
Donut: I hate you guys.

Red vs. Blue– A Slightly Crueler Cruller (episode 16)

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