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Featured: LeLUTKA, Stray Dog, LOTUS, DAPPA, NOIR, RODEX & AMITIE Poses

亗 Credits:

☰ Phisique ―
Head (Evolution Line) | LeLUTKA Connor Head 2.0 (NEW!!!) @ Signature Event
Eyes (Omega System) | LOTUS. Virgo Eyes 13 (LeLutka) @ equal10 Event
Hairbase (Bake On Mesh) | Stray Dog – ADD-ON – Alexei Hairbase Dark Brown @ ACCESS Event
Facial Hair (Bake On Mesh) | Stray Dog – ADD-ON – Alexei Facial Hair Option 04 @ ACCESS Event
Mesh Body | [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v5.0 @ Signature Event
Tattoo (Bake On Mesh) | DAPPA – Cupid Tattoo. [FADED] @ equal10 Event
Body (Bake On Mesh) | STRAY DOG Gianni Skin – TONE 04
Shape | [ TG ] _ Shape Male ~LeLUTKA Connor Head~ (NEW!!!) @ TG on Marketplace

☰ Clothing & Accessories ―
RODEX: Boxeo Shorts @ equal10 Event
:::NOIR::: Billy Shoulder T-Shirt – Legacy – Pug @ equal10 Event

☰ Pose ―
Pose + Sunflower | Amitie Sunflower Pose 01 @ equal10 Event


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(Round: 10th September – 5th October 2020)



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