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Featured: Modulus, BETRAYAL, DUFAUX, SEMLLER, Clef de Peau, LOB, Navajo & Kokoro Poses


亗 Credits (My):
☰ Phisique ―
Head Bento | CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.2
Mesh Body | –Belleza– Mesh Body Jake v2.0

☰ Clothing & Accessories ―
Hoodie | BETRAYAL. Demna Hoodie @ Man Cave Event
Joggers| DUFAUX – max trackpants
Sneakers | SEMLLER studded hikers @ Man Cave Event

☰ Poses ―
Pose | Navajo – Breathing AO stand 2D @ Men Only Monthly


亗 Credits (His):
☰ Phisique ―
Hair | Modulus – Richo Hair
Head Bento | CATWA HEAD Dude v3.2
Mesh Body | –Belleza– Mesh Body Jake v2.0

☰ Clothing & Accessories ―
Earring ¹ | M.BIRDIE / I Luv Julie! . B Earring
Earring ² | M.BIRDIE / Leah Look Earring 1 R
Hoodie | Clef de Peau.Felix Hoodie Nude @ Man Cave Event
Joogers | [LOB] BOLSOM JOGGERS @ Man Cave Event
Bag | FAKEICON / anana grocery bag

☰ Poses ―
Pose | Kokoro Poses – Jack 5 @ Men Only Monthly

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