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SHIRT (TANK)Cubura Bart TankLEGACY-BELLAZA-SIGNATURE-AESTHETIC-VTECHAVIABLE IN MAN CAVEhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Match/171/128/46STORECUBURAhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure%20Love/126/117/23---------------------BOXERCubura De...

The air that I breathe……..

Credits: HAIR: BARBERYUMYUM barberyumyumP15 at at UBER from March 25th to April 22nd 2021 FACE TATTOO:[^.^Ayashi^.^] – KOHAKU FACE APPLIER at NEO-JAPAN SL EVENT from 27th March to 18th April 2021 SKIN: STRAY DOG– REED (NO EYEBROW) at at Access Event , March 12th to April 8th, 2021. EYEBROW: HD EYEBROW BY LELUTKA MESH HEAD: […]

captive to the beat

captive to the beat NEO – JAPAN EVENT is open 27th March 2021 (Saturday) to 18th April 2021 (Sunday) Taxi  [CX] Dystopian Junk Series TANAKA: RIPPER MASK HD+TPS – Ricky’s corset Taxi  L&B Swear Nomad Boots @ TMD April 5th Same build as our GG version boots but these come with worn, dirty and a… Read More captive to the beat

#530 Blackout

 Mask: [ kunst ] - X95 Mask ~  NEO JAPAN  MAINSTORECoat: [Val'More] - Takuya LongCoat  NEO JAPAN  MAINSTOREBackdrop: The Monsters *RARE* - Tekkuraifu - The Bearded Guy  NEO JAPAN  MAINSTORE

I’ll see you in my dreams

Pose:CKEY Poses - Roman series5 male posesNow @ *TMDHairbase:Volkstone - Ryo hairbase4 styles and 6 colors hairbase.For Lelutka Skyler and Bom compatible mesh headsNow @ *TMDNecklace:amias - Alem necklaceWings or cross necklace available for Si...

//…High Tea 3033

Engine Room has reached its half way point guys, and theres still plenty of time to knab some really awesome goodies. Like AsteroidBox's Albian shirt. I had the amazing privilege to watch Leith in action as he created this amazing attire. So many detai...

Your presence is still here……..

Presenting new Skin from CheerNo at the Skin Fair March 2021! Credits: HAIR: HAIR: TRAM– I0528 HAIR at mainstore BOM HEAD APPLIER: N E X U S – THEO SKIN at SKIN FAIR 2021 from March 12th to 29th BODY APPLIER: N E X U S ICON ( 03 ) (Jake, Gianni and Legacy with […]

purple thoughts

purple thoughts VENDETTA – OSCAR Skin – CATWA HD MALE @  MANLY ARENA March 2021 Compatible CATWA HD MALE PRO ( All Heads ) 4 TONES AVAILABLE +> T3 to T6 Taxi  Sintiklia – Hair Lulu Mainstore  TAOX TATTOO UNISEX – Sleeves Never Fail Mainstore  E.A Studio :.BOX Daisuke Arms NEO – JAPAN EVENT is open… Read More purple thoughts


Outfit*THIRST-Yasha's Curse@Neo Japan-THIRST-Yasha's Curse-Horns-THIRST-Yasha's Cursed Blade-Prismatic-THIRST-Yasha's Cursed Blade-Prismatic Flame Static-Prismatic-THIRST-Yasha's Cursed Blade-Prismatic-THIRST-Yasha's Curse_NECK/HEAD-Venom(Bom)Wings*ROZ...
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"Overcast by your shadow…"

Credits:Tattoo: .: Vegas :. Destroyer of Evil 122 at UniKHair: lock&tuft - no countryJeans: Cold Ash Holloway Ripped JeansPose: Ana Poses - Munich 3"As our worlds move on..."Taken at Small Green Town II.

★Limited Sale 8/28~8/31!!!! 50L$!!!

Dura-H1-limited color[For GB Open hoodie 2019]@Gabriel mainstoreIn June, Dura collaborated with GB.At that time, I released Dura-H1 hairpiece . And, this time I will release a limited color of Dura-H1 at GB main shop.  For  ::GB::Line ho...

HeLP Me!

[Signature] Gianni Mesh BodyStray Dog Nathan Lelutka SkinStray Dog Nathan Facial HairLelutka Skyler Mesh Head[DeadBoy Ink] Old Demons 1.1[DeadBoy Ink] Last Nightenrage Aeron Underpants for Man Cave[Black Bantam] Sphynx KittenPoseidon Poses Anxiety 4Loc...

.Nine – DeeJay, Jake & Jay

.Nine9  Tank Top - DeeJay Jacket - JakeJeans - Jay Link: InWorld Store - Marketplace  

Just Jestyr 2019-09-13 17:17:14

Sofa: Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Sofa (set is available in Maledom, Femdom, and PG) Chair: Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Chair Poof: Fapple – Alexander Set –  Alexander Leather Poof Side table: Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Side …


 Pitaya - Old Doors PanelPitaya - Day Bench   KUSTOM9  MAINSTOREDaD "Rustic French table" rectangle table size c/mDaD "Spring Greenery Candle ring B - Lemon" c/mDaD "Spring Greenery Candle ring A - Lemon" c/m   BLOOM ...

Swank Event – Golden Night…

Exclusive for Swank Event Jan 21.Swank Home & Garden:Store EVHAH:EVH Chalet Table.Links: InWorld Store - Marketplace. Link: Swank Event InWorld.